I am Pablo HTG, a travel and street photographer based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

I was born in warm southern Spain, in Seville, a bunch of years ago. From these times I have my first memories about my grandfather and my father always attached to a camera. I remember especially the family portraits taken by my grandfather. He liked to take his time. The same with my father and his special eye for composition and his ability to play with lights and shadows.

My first film roll? I took a disposable camera to a school trip. I took 36 photos of the swimming-pool seen from my hotel room. Don't think there was any keeper...

Then I started growing up at an extremely slow pace (height-wise, mostly). When I turned 19 I moved to Madrid to start my university studies. Five years later I had a Masters Degree in Media and Communications. And my first goal of becoming a film director completely changed. Photography was there, with me, to stay.

I decided then to study photography at EFTI, still in Madrid.

Then I started taking photography seriously and began shooting whatever I could. Mostly music bands. Lots of my friends had small bands who played in small and pourly-lightened venues. And there I was, shooting for free beers! With an off-camera flash triggered with my finger in 1/8 exposures.

As I grew as a human being and a photographer I found out that free beers where nice, but not enough to make a living. Funny enough, it took me some more time than usual to find out.

As the 2009 financial crisis hit Spain (hard, really hard) I packed my camera and some underwear and took a plane to Copenhagen. Great place to start a new adventure!

During all this time, and every now and then, I travel around and take photos. That's what you can see in my website. My memories of those travels. My personal take on different places and the people that live in them. A small, humble and candid study on how cities and people influence each other.

Two years ago I started a company with my good friend Spaniard: 8ml Productions. Where we shoot videos and make photos of whatever we are hired to do.

And I think that's about it. Thanks for reading!